Thesis Capsule One & Wedding Launching This Fall

Thesis FAQ’s

How are Thesis products different from other shoe brands?

Our products reflect our belief that beauty should be fun, easy, imperfect, and personal. Our formulas are designed to live with you, not on you, and enhance what you already have. They are meant to be touched, smooshed, traveled with, cherished, and shared until their packages are crinkly and dirty and can literally give no more. They represent fun and freedom, and are the result of years of recommendations from the coolest girls on the planet.

When is the next product launching?

We’ll be coming out with new products very soon–sign up with your email address to get the latest updates.

Why isn’t a certain product available in my country?

First: sorry about that! The short answer: we’re still working hard to make all of our products available in every country we ship to. The long answer: certain products require different packaging labels for each country depending on that country’s regulations. We’re busy at the Gloffice redesigning packaging for every country, and will make those products available everywhere as soon as humanly possible. If a product you are interested in is not available in your country, there will be an email collection box to sign up to be notified when it will be available. We’ll get back to you once it is!