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“The exteriors will put them in a class with Jimmy Choo, but the technology inside is pure Jetsons.”

– Wall Street Journal

  • “We’re not creating new materials, we’re just applying things that haven’t traditionally been used in shoe making.”

  • “The exteriors will put them in a class with Jimmy Choo, but the technology inside is pure Jetsons.”

  • “The idea is to do for shoes what aerodynamics did for cars: make it a smoother ride.”

  • “ the high heel with an eye towardshigh fashion — which might be just as difficult as putting humans on Mars.”

  • “Wearable tech by definition, perhaps not – but it sure is a great useof technology applied to something most women would kill for.”

  • “The former employee of Elon Musk’s SpaceX is aiming to send shock waves through the $40 billion-a-year shoe industry with her line of Thesis Couture stilettos.”

  • “Applying science to footwear to produce a high heel that combines comfort and couture.”

  • “Singh is hoping to put Space Age smarts into women’s footwear, because while rocket technology has taken off over the years, walkingin heels is as painful as ever.”

  • “..all about re-engineering the high heel to ensure better distribution of weight and better support.”

  • “Heels are both a claim of femininity and a test of it. They are the bindings of the willfully bound.” of the High-Heeled Shoe

  • “..process is the key word in the language of the new wearables”

  • “Singh said her fundamental goal is to make a stiletto that feels like a wedge.”

What Clients are Saying

“They feel like two-inch heels, even though they are four-inches, it’s amazing.”

– Kendall Romine, Business Development at GrowthX

“I jumped up and down in a prototype with a 4 inch heel and was blown away.”

– Nisha Dua, Partner, BBG Ventures; Founder, #BUILTBYGIRLS

“I’ve never worn a pair of high heels this amazing.”

– Tiffany Del Real, Social Media Influencer and Instagram Star

“Check out my new heels! I love it! Rocket science and aerospace engineering.”

– Kelly Bensimon, Former Editor of Elle Accessories, Star of Real Housewives of New York, Model, Author