What The Press Is Saying

We’re not creating new materials, we’re just applying things that haven’t traditionally been used in shoe making.

The exteriors will put them in a class with Jimmy Choo, but the technology inside is pure Jetsons.

The idea is to do for shoes what aerodynamics did for cars: make it a smoother ride.

The former employee of Elon Musk’s SpaceX is aiming to send shock waves through the $40 billion-a-year shoe industry with her line of Thesis Couture stilettos.

..re-engineering the high heel with an eye towards high fashion — which might be just as difficult as putting humans on Mars.

Wearable tech by definition, perhaps not – but it sure is a great use of technology applied to something most women would kill for.

Applying science to footwear to produce a high heel that combines comfort and couture.

“Singh is hoping to put Space Age smarts into women’s footwear, because while rocket technology has taken off over the years, walking in heels is as painful as ever.”

..all about re-engineering the high heel to ensure better distribution of weight and better support.

Heels are both a claim of femininity and a test of it. They are the bindings of the willfully bound.

..process is the key word in the language of the new wearables

Singh said her fundamental goal is to make a stiletto that feels like a wedge.

What Our Customers Are Saying
“They feel like two-inch heels, even though they are four-inches, it’s amazing.”
-Kendall Romine, Business Development at GrowthX

“I jumped up and down in a prototype with a 4 inch heel and was blown away.”
-Nisha Dua, Partner, BBG Ventures; Founder, #BUILTBYGIRLS

“I’ve never worn a pair of high heels this amazing.”
-Tiffany Del Real, Social Media Influencer and Instagram Star

“Check out my new heels! I love it! Rocket science and aerospace engineering.”
-Kelly Bensimon, Former Editor of Elle Accessories, Star of Real Housewives of New York, Model, Author