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Our Tech

Thesis LIFT

The Thesis LIFT is the most significant innovation in high heels in nearly a century, because rather than looking only at design, we looked at the core way shoes were internally engineered. 

From Painful to Empowering

As a brand that is built by and designs for the modern woman and her active lifestyle, we didn't want to compromise on style. For our design what's on the inside makes all the difference.

Thesis was founded based on a love for the iconic, timeless high heel. Shoes speak for you in the subtle moments of first impressions, and serve as one of the most important pieces in our wardrobe. Enabling amazing women to lead lives with shoes that give them both an incredible look and and wear experience is our way of making a brighter world. Modern women love to look good, but we love our bodies too; Thesis shoes have uncompromising style, but in addition to what you get with other luxury labels, they are as inspired on the inside as they are on the outside. Thesis LIFT allows us to capture the ideal combination of form and function, clean timeless silhouettes, draped in luxe leathers, and supported by a leading edge architecture, engineered for optimized support and balance.

"The result is shoes that feel better, wear longer, and distract less."

Smarter, Better, Different

Traditional high heels are built around a single, thin metal strut called a shank, and a compressed cardboard insole, this core architecture results in relatively poor structural support. The Thesis LIFT is engineered to better support the foot and body at large, using structural design and advanced materials. With LIFT, Thesis stilettos feel and function like wedges. In a traditional 4 inch/ 100mm high heel, the average person will have 80%+ of their body weight on their forefoot and toes; with Thesis LIFT, our 4 inch/ 100mm stilettos reduce that to <60% for the average person, and the center of gravity is closer to a natural state. The result is shoes that feel better, wear longer, and distract less.