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​At Thesis we are driven by the idea that the modern woman deserves to feel incredible during every part of her day, whether that involves walking into a board meeting or down a runway. Which is why we are dedicated to designing premier essentials that answer to the call of both form and function. As the WSJ said, Jetson's on the inside, but pure design on the outside.

By and For Modern Women

We're a brand for and by modern women who are driven, value their bodies and health, and see the world as a place in which to create the life they deserve. At Thesis we are fundamentally changing the experience of wearing high heels, and are dedicated to continue to innovate in all areas of fashion wearable solutions, so that our clients can feel more incredible while still feeling like they're at the top of their game.

“In the age of artificial intelligence we shouldn't be wearing century old shoes.”

Smarter, Better, Different

Our heels are your new essential for every meeting, event, and wedding you ever need to attend. Why? Because unlike other shoes, you can wear them, and wear them comfortably for hours. Our shoes are built with our LIFT technology, which is the most significant innovation in fashion footwear in nearly a century. Millions of women wear high heels all over the world, but what they don't know is that they are standing on a strip of metal, no wider than an index finger. Internal structure (or lack thereof) is a big part of what drives the discomfort and foot damage some of our favorite shoes can cause. We believe women deserve better; in the age of artificial intelligence we shouldn't be wearing century old shoes. Made so that you enjoy your life, and don't have to sacrifice between comfort and style.