“In the age of artificial intelligence we shouldn't be wearing century old shoes.”
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    At Thesis we are dedicated to designing premier essentials that answer to the call of both form and function. As the Wall Street Journal said, Jetson's on the inside, but pure design on the outside.


    Our heels are your new essential for every meeting, event, and wedding you ever need to attend. Why? Because unlike other shoes, you can wear them, and wear them comfortably for hours. Our shoes are built with our LIFT technology, which is the most significant innovation in fashion footwear in nearly a century. Millions of women wear high heels all over the world, but what they don't know is that they are standing on a strip of metal, no wider than an index finger. Internal structure (or lack thereof) is a big part of what drives the discomfort and foot damage some of our favorite shoes can cause. We believe women deserve better; in the age of artificial intelligence we shouldn't be wearing century old shoes. Made so that you enjoy your life, and don't have to sacrifice between comfort and style.


    We're a brand for and by modern women who are driven, value their bodies and health, and see the world as a place in which to create the life they deserve. At Thesis we are fundamentally changing the experience of wearing high heels, and are dedicated to continue to innovate in all areas of fashion wearable solutions, so that our clients can feel more incredible while still feeling like they're at the top of their game.


    In 2011, Dolly Singh was Director of Talent Acquisition for SpaceX, a commercial aerospace company founded by Elon Musk, where she hosted dozens of aspiring SpaceXer’s each week for their interviews and a tour of the company’s main campus, which was nearly 1M square feet of awe-inspiring high tech factory space.   

    She had joined SpaceX in Jan of 2008, at the age of 30, and in the 3 years since had grown the business from 200 to over 2500, clocking 3-4 miles of walking each day- almost always in high heels. 

    One day while beginning a factory tour with a candidate, towards the end of the day when her feet were starting to protest the upcoming long walk ahead, while describing to the candidate how the “density of engineering capability and human brainpower was greater in this building, than anywhere else on earth,”  it struck her that in given the brilliance all around her, maybe she could get some help her understand why her heels were such a pain.  

    In the 2 years that followed, she began to research the design and production of high heels, the mechanics of walking in heels, and why on earth someone hadn’t already solved this problem? What she found was that high heels are a global industry worth more than $40B each year, and yet, high heels had been made much the same way for nearly a century!  

    At the end of 2013 Thesis was founded with a mission to empower the lifestyles of ambitious women through innovation and intelligent design.  

    We spent almost 4 years developing and launching the first version of our technology which launched to rave reviews from press and customers alike. Since then and spent almost 2 years using customer feedback to even further perfect our design, and are now beyond excited to bring Eve to the world.  Eve is truly a shoe that belongs in every woman’s closet, that she can wear everywhere and every day.