Thesis LIFT Technology

Thesis Couture was founded on the belief that women deserve extraordinary - that high heels should love women as much as women love high heels. 

When we set out to re-engineer what women put on their feet, we learned that high heels have not changed in over a century. The internal structure of the heels in your closet today is the same as that which was used when high heels were invented. 

High heels are built on a metal strut called a shank (i.e. the same term used for a prison weapon...). The shank is connected to a metal popsicle and then surrounded by compressed cardboard. Together this offers no support and over 80% of your weight ends up landing on the smallest bones in your body, your toes. 

Watch the quick video below where I, Dolly Singh, talk about the Thesis LIFT Thesis LIFT stands Load-balancing, Interlocking Footwear) technology.