A Look Behind the Scenes of Eve: The Painless Pump

When I created Thesis my ultimate motivation was that women deserve extraordinary. We deserve to look extraordinary, and to FEEL extraordinary. 

At Thesis, we spent three years working on the research and development that allowed us to re-engineer the high heel from the inside out. Our heels have gone through extensive testing with a world class team of doctors, engineers, and scientists, to ultimately end up on your feet as the most comfortable high heels you have ever worn. 

Now that we are gearing up for the launch of Eve, I want to give you a peek at the entire life cycle of our new heels.  


Our shoes go through an extensive design process by our team that has experience with designers like Jimmy Choo. This ultimately leads to the development of the style and colors that will go into production. During this process, we also ensure that our style still incorporates the patented internal structure that makes Thesis shoes so comfortable.


While our shoes are designed and engineered in California, they are developed in Italy in a factory that knows all about high end shoes.

This is the same factory that manufactures shoes like Manolo Blanik, Chanel, and other luxury brands.


After each shoe is created, it goes through quality control checks before it is shipped directly to you!