Thesis Capsule One Coming Soon

“quite literally re-engineering the high heel with an eye towards high fashion."

“a high-heeled gladiator sandal except it is made of ballistic-grade thermal plastic polyurethane.”

"it sure is a great use of technology applied to something most women would kill for."

“Heels as power.

Heels as sex, co-opted in the name of professionalism. Heels as, ambition. While Thesis Couture’s promise of a comfortable stiletto is premised on fashion, it is rooted, too, in feminism.”

Smarter, Better, Different.


Smarter, Better, Different.

Four inch stilettos engineered
to feel like three inch wedges.


The Thesis LIFT Technology

Our dedication to fashion innovation started with the goal to completely redesign high heels so that they felt incredible all day long. High heel technology remains the focus of Thesis Couture. 

If you'd like to know more about our incredible shoe design, from the internal structure, to the way we aced balance, just click. 


A Sale for Each Season


Our shoes are meant to be ordered one season ahead and since we aim to fill your wardrobe with the shoe essentials, they are almost always appropriate for year round wear, whether evening or day.


Once our presale closes we begin production of your individually made components abroad. Your shoes are then hand made in Italy and shipped directly to our studio in Los Angeles for inspection.


You receive your shoes directly from us, with instructions on care and wear, and are finally able to experience the rush of wearing heels that feel truly amazing.