"The most comfortable heels we've ever worn"

Business Insider

"The exterior will put them in a class with Jimmy Choo, but the interior is pure Jetsons"

The Wall Street Journal

"It sure is a great use of technology applied to something most women would kill for."

“Heels as power. Heels as sex, co-opted in the name of professionalism. Heels as, ambition. While Thesis Couture’s promise of a comfortable stiletto is premised on fashion, it is rooted, too, in feminism.”

“Quite literally re-engineering the high heel with an eye towards high fashion."

Thesis heels are a game changer

"I'm a tall woman who has always struggled to find heels that are comfortable, easy to walk in, and make me feel supported. I was blown away the first time I tried Thesis heels. It's the first time I've ever felt like I could wear heels without having to compromise on design or comfort. These shoes are a game changer for anyone who has struggled to wear heels." -Maaria B.

Thesis heels are my only

"I wore Thesis heels at my wedding from morning till the last call. Thesis heels are my only at this point." - Carmen P.

Fusion of style and smart engineering

"As a leader at one of the world’s leading technology companies and the host of a fashion podcast, Thesis sits at the intersection of two of my passions, so I had high hopes when hearing about their heels for the first time. I’m excited to report that Thesis lived up to those high expectations and is an awesome fusion of style and smart engineering." - Abigail P.

Heels engineered for all day comfort

"Hooray for comfortable heels! I love to wear heels, but after a long day, I'm wishing for slippers. Not so with Thesis...they are incredibly comfortable and versatile. A must have for going from work to dinner. Finally gorgeous heels engineered for all day comfort. It's time to break out the pumps!" - Karen D.

Thesis changed my life

"I love Thesis because Thesis changed my Life. I no longer have to walk around with a pair of flat shoes to slip into after an hour or two of painful pretty pumps. The design, construction and science behind these shoes will change your life too!" - Charlane B.

Our Heels Brought To You By Rocket Scientists

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Smarter, Better, Different

The Thesis LIFT is the most significant innovation in high heels in nearly a century, because rather than looking only at design, we looked at the core way shoes were internally engineered.

We are driven by the idea that the modern woman deserves to feel incredible during every part of her day, whether that involves walking into a board meeting or down a runway.

Smart Is The New Sexy

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Engineered in California, Handcrafted in Italy.

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