Introducing the world’s first
high performance stilettos

By reservation only. List opens this winter.


The finest Italian craftsmanship
meets California innovation, to
drive the industry’s most significant
evolution in nearly a century.
Sleek stilettos that wear like wedges –
the ultimate fashion unicorn

Reservations open 2017

* Shoes pictured are research samples.
Debut Design yet to be announced

Recent Press

Something Worth Talking About

The exteriors will put them in a class with Jimmy Choo, but the technology inside is pure Jetsons

– Wall Street Journal

This is a problem that needs to be solved...

– Bloomberg

With Thesis Couture, Singh and team are aiming to hit an aesthetic note that will appeal to the woman trained to teeter-totter from car to desk atop well-disguised metal shanks

– Harpers Bazaar

A more wearable shoe that won’t leave your toes in tatters...

– Cosmopolitan UK

The advances will offer better shock absorption and arch support

– SF Chronicle

...very much in the Jimmy Choo/Christian Louboutin/Manolo Blahnik vein, except it is made of ballistic-grade thermal plastic polyurethane.

– New York Times

Thesis’s broad goal is to ‘fundamentally change the footwear industry and fundamentally raise the bar on how you make a good pair of shoes.

– The Atlantic







The Book of Legends:



Princess Diana was legendary for her charm and philanthropic work with AIDS patients and victims of landmines.


A legendary woman warrior from the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420- 589) of China who took her father’s place in the army and fought for twelve years.

Artisans to Astronauts

World class minds from design and technology

Thesis Couture has assembled one of the most remarkable teams in the history of fashion;
this cross-disciplinary thinking and strategy laid the foundation for our ground breaking design.

Dolly Singh
Visionary behind Thesis Couture, master at building teams that shift markets.
Amanda Parkes
Applies the optimal fusion of fashion design, engineering, technology, and architecture.
Matt Thomas
Advanced materials and manufacturing for optimal load distribution and mitigated impact shock and friction.
Garrett Reisman
Aeronautics technology, design and analysis of the internal structure and physical mechanics.
Hans Koenigsmann
Advanced dynamics and engineering concepts.
Kelly Shapiro
Business and Legal affairs, and everything in between.
Matt Thomas
Advanced materials and manufacturing for optimal load distribution and mitigated impact shock and friction.
Dr. Andy Goldberg, OBE
Supports design optimization for foot and posture health and to minimize anatomical disruption.