Introducing the world’s first
high performance stilettos

By reservation only. List opens this winter.

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Something Worth Talking About

The exteriors will put them in a class with Jimmy Choo, but the technology inside is pure Jetsons

– Wall Street Journal

This is a problem that needs to be solved...

– Bloomberg

With Thesis Couture, Singh and team are aiming to hit an aesthetic note that will appeal to the woman trained to teeter-totter from car to desk atop well-disguised metal shanks

– Harpers Bazaar

A more wearable shoe that won’t leave your toes in tatters...

– Cosmopolitan UK

The advances will offer better shock absorption and arch support

– SF Chronicle



Artisans to Astronauts

World class minds from design and technology

Thesis Couture has assembled one of the most remarkable teams in the history of fashion;
this cross-disciplinary thinking and strategy laid the foundation for our ground breaking design.